A Sneaky Peak at A Hook in the Sky

This is the fourth promised peak at A Hook in the Sky, a "quintessential boomer novel" as it has been called by several reviewers. For Amazon reviews (23), click here and Goodreads (20) are here.

This time,  I thought I'd show you the sensual side of A Hook in the Sky. By now, if you follow this blog, you know the book is about Robert, a retiree-turned-artist to the dismay of his much younger wife. They fight, they separate, other women enter his life, and one in particular, called Nour. She is young, beautiful and deeply troubled. Since he's an artist, he paints her in the nude:

And here is the scene in the book describing Robert at work on her portrait:

For Robert, painting was another way to make love to Nour.

On the canvas, his brushes longingly caressed her breasts, her belly, her thighs. He looked for the exact hue of her flesh, the shine of her hair falling over her eyes. He arranged her in different pauses, multiplying the pleasure of taking her in with his painters eyes. There was something slow and feline about her, the way she crouched on the floor, all naked, and looked up at him in defiance, like a cat.
He painted her in that crouching position and was certain it was the best female nude he had ever done.

He loved her physically, he loved her with his eyes. He had never loved a woman so. 

   They rarely spoke to each other, there was nothing to say. He never discovered what interested her, and never understood what she saw in him perhaps the charm of an older man? 

Sneaky peak? Yeah! But I must confess: this is an abridged version, slightly sanitized for Web consumption. You get the real thing (a little steamier, oh yes) in the book!

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A HOOK IN THE SKY is available on Amazon, paperback (222 pages) and e-book : click here.

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