"Severed Head" on Wattpad

The #JustWriteIt 30 day writing challenge, #EarthLove edition organized by Wattpad has a new participant!

Yes, little old me, and this is the presentation on Wattpad of my new novella, made to celebrate Earth Day coming up on April 22nd. EarthDay. org wants you to plant billions of trees to green the Earth, actually 50,000 more trees by 22 April, do donate! For my part, I just want you to enjoy my new novella and maybe, just maybe, think a little a bit about our common future and our home, planet Earth - hey, remember, it's like your own body, it can't be replaced!


Here's the pitch for my novella:

The end of the world: 2116, the year when the last spaceship loaded with humans leaves for Kepler 457, Earth's twin, virgin and new, ready to be settled. 
In that ship: Julie, beautiful, young and alone, the man she loves has chosen to stay behind. She has submitted herself to a harrowing procedure to take the flight, a procedure Dan could not bear to face in spite of his love for her (no spoilers!). He takes refuge on Antarctica that has turned into a lush archipelago, similar to Japan, now that all the ice has melted. 
The unexpected happens, Julie and Dan meet again, but it's not a happy reunion. Julie has another life partner. Can Dan ever win back Julie? 
This is a sci-fi piece set 100 years from now, it's about saving the Earth, it's about love, and even Donald Trump makes a surprise "guest appearance"...Enjoy, let me know what you think! 
  NOTE: For this novella, the author is using her real name (Claude Forthomme) - her past work, ranging from poetry to novels, may be found under her pen name, Claude Nougat.

And here's the opening:
I knew she had done it, we had talked – and fought – about it so many times. But it wasn't until I saw her inch along towards me, one among thousands on the conveyor belt, that the full impact of her decision hit me. I felt faint and had to sit down.
A severed head floating in a glass case.

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