Shame on You, Germany, You are Killing the European Project

Today is D-day for the Euro. It looks like a technical matter but it isn't.

It has to do with the European project, the dream of having a United States of Europe.

This afternoon, the leaders of Europe are meeting in Brussels, at 4 pm, to decide whether Greece must exit the Euro or can stay in.

According to Bloomberg (here), European leaders will have to decide because their finance ministers can't: the German Finance Minister, Mr. Wolfgand Schaeuble, has successfully blocked any decision, screaming "Don't take me for a fool", refering to the Greek proposals.

The real fool is him.

Or perhaps, not so foolish but extremely wily.

Like a fox.

Think of it, years ago, he was involved in a corruption scandal in Germany - also known as the CDU donation scandal, it exploded twenty years ago -  and his career looked finished (for details, see here).

Until he was saved by Ms. Merkel who gave him a "second life" - and now he is showing his true colors, he is strangling the European project.

Can anyone tell me what really links Ms. Merkel, a German Chancellor who surprisingly doesn't want to or doesn't dare defend Europe, to her finance minister?

And why does Germany hate Europe so much? What's wrong? What happened to the values of solidarity and cooperation?

Ethics used to be a German preoccupation, it appears to no longer be the case.

I don't have a crystal ball, so I don't know how all this will end. But I do know one thing and I wanted to share it with you: For me, this is the saddest day in the History of Europe.

A beautiful dream of peace and love and justice is dying.

UPDATE: From Bloomberg News (here)

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was given three days to push new austerity measures through parliament and keep alive Greece’s chances of staying in the euro.
Finance ministers meeting in Brussels before a Sunday summit of euro-area leaders demanded Greece enact economic reforms before opening detailed negotiations on an aid package of at least 74 billion euros ($83 billion). If Tsipras misses that deadline, Greece faces being suspended from the currency union, Finnish Finance Minister Alexander Stubb said.
The finance ministers' demands were agreed to by the Euro summit. So now we have it: a final "either-or" proposition, what the latins used to call "aut aut".


No. It gives a measure of the distrust the Germans have managed to spread in Europe. Disgusting.


Shame on You, Germany, You are Killing Europe's Hopes, it's not just #Grexit at stake! #Euro