Overfishing, Climate Change and Hunger

Another article of mine published under my real name (Claude Forthomme) on Impakter magazine:


Overfishing, Climate Change and Hunger

Overfishing, climate change and hunger, a is what you call a “triple whammy”on the planet.

You may wonder what they have in common, but at the United Nations, no one doubts that the three are dramatically inter-linked.  The point was forcefully made in a recent report from a “high level panel of experts on food security and nutrition” presented this month to the Committee on World Food Security, a 5-day event held in Rome, focused on hunger and poverty issues.

This is an important event – the first meeting was 41 years ago – and while it started as a slow, closed shop set up by FAO and reserved to government officials, it is now open to a slew of major actors on the humanitarian scene, from big United Nations agencies that sponsor the event, all three UN agencies located in Italy (FAO, the World Food Programme, IFAD) to major donor countries (the Netherlands and Sweden stand out) and top charities operating worldwide, like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and farmers’ organizations. In short, a big deal in the humanitarian world.

And this is not one more boring report. It does many things. It updates what we know about the world fisheries crisis and makes clear for the first time the link between fisheries and human nutrition.Today, capture fisheries and aquaculture provide 3 billion people with almost 20 percent of their average per capita intake of animal protein, and in some countries, this share exceeds 50 percent, for example 54 percent in Indonesia, 71 percent in the Maldives.
So fish consumption is a fact. But with pollution affecting the seas, is high fish consumption detrimental to human health?

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Overfishing and climate change are the tip of a (fast-melting) iceberg...if I may be allowed to mix my metaphors! 200 years from now, how will our descendants handle it? They will be people like you and me, keen to survive, of course, but also committed to our values, everything that makes humankind worth saving. I've been guided by them in my working life, and so are all the protagonists in my book, starting with Alice, of whom I made a painting - here she is in the desert, proud and feisty: