Hemingway Fan Fic: a 6-word Short Story

This is 6-word short story I mentioned sometime ago on this blog and that is now published on Readwave, click here to see it on the site. If you like it, please click that heart below it, that would make me so happy!

Title of the story: MELANCHOLY
For sale, wedding ring, never used
The way the story is presented is what makes of Readwave an exceptional digital showcase for your fiction. And it's a very lively place too, full of good reads.

Also, it is a fact that 6-word short stories are a show that will never die, ever since Hemingway started the fashion. Now Readwave, with a dedicated section, carries on the show...Click here to see it, there are over 40 short stories there, and, as the Readwave editors say, "A picture may be worth a thousand words; the challenge is describing it in only six."

Of course, my story is Hemingway fan fic, I plead guilty. I'm sure you all remember it: "Baby shoes for sale, never used"...

By the way, that illustration is taken from one of my oil paintings:

It's a woman asleep in the metro, her hair is reflected in the dark glass behind her...