Why Instagram is Displacing Twitter

Here's another article Impakter Magazine published - as usual, under my real name:

Why Instagram Is Fast Becoming King of the Social Media

Instagram, started in October 2010 as a simple iPhone app to edit and share photos, had acquired by  September 2013 some 150 million users and was said to be the fastest growing social platform in the world, with a 23% annual increase
That sort of growth is unique, it has displaced Pinterest for good and it looks like it’s ready to overtake Twitter.

Everyone says it’s because of the kind of audience Instagram draws in: mainly women and mainly teenagers. Conventional wisdom has it that women are more “visual” than men and teenagers don’t read or write. They are only attracted to images, and that’s what Instagram is all about, images!

Well, that’s too simple.

First, regarding women. It is true that Instagram attracts a majority of women, according to Wikipedia, up to 2/3 are women, but this is an exaggeration...

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Happy reading and I hope you learn something about Instagram that you will find of use to you. My only gripe with all this: too visual! Don't misunderstand me, I'm a painter too and love to take photographs, but a world that replaces words with images...well, I'm not too comfortable with that. I love the subtleties of language, I love to play with words and in my mind, nothing is ever final until it's written down!