FAO: From a Technical United Nations Agency to High Politics

Last week, Impakter.com published the second of my articles about FAO, tracing its long descent into politics. Here it is:

FAO: From a Technical to a Highly Politicized Agency

The inclusion of food issues has meant from the beginning that FAO had a very broad scope: it wasn’t simply a technical forum for experts but primarily a political one that places concern for human health and survival at the center of all its activities.

At the outset, the first Director General of FAO, John Boyd Orr tried to impose his vision devising global plans for improving food production and its equitable distribution but he got nowhere, the US and UK opposed him and he resigned.

Food aid in Greece 1948 (joint mission FAO-Unicef
Food aid in Greece 1948 (joint mission FAO-Unicef)

That was the first historical clash over what FAO should do.

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