Ukraine on Auction to Highest Bidder

The European Union and UkraineThe European Union and Ukraine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, the United States offered a $1 billion aid package to Ukraine, today the Europe Union offers $15 billion (see here).

What is this, a new kind of game? Is Ukraine going to the highest bidder?

Putin is likely to react with disdain - but the fact is he is playing in his own backyard (geo-politically speaking) and there’s nothing anyone can (or probably should) do about it. 

In the end, it becomes a “face-saving” game where the solution to the crisis had better be sought at the United Nations rather than letting one super power (the US) or a group of countries (the European Union) strut forward alone, trying to shame Russia. 

The battle with Russia is inevitably going to be David against Goliath , where Goliath in this case will win because of the geo-political aspect (i.e. Russia is playing in its own backyard and will NEVER give up that port in Crimea, its natural door to the South).

In short, moving the problem to the United Nations would mean coming up with a solution that would slow down and water everything down, allowing all players, Putin, Obama, the European leaders from Merkel to Hollande to save face…That’s my two cents to the debate! How about yours?

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