The Digital Revolution: What Published Authors Really Want

Best selling author Hugh Howey has set up a really cool website to encourage authors, both traditionally and self-published, to come together and (eventually) form a "guild" - or some sort of association to defend authors' rights against publishers and e-distributors. 

To visit, click here. To reade his latest report on author earnings and the state of publishing, click here. Inter alia, it raises an interesting question: are trad publishers losing customers by charging the highest prices in the industry?

Here are the services offered on the home page:

In my (modest) view, it's about time too and I'm very grateful to Hugh Howey for daring to come out and call people together. 

Writers of the World Unite!

I've answered the survey and signed the petition (you can see it here). It  makes a lot of sense to me. And look at the analysis of early responses (the day I signed it was 331and 96% of them writers, both published and aspiring):

Clicking 5 means full support, 1 means little/no support. Fascinating, go take a look at the requests! 

What I do like about his approach is that he is calling on both traditionally and self-published authors. That's really the right approach, we are all in this boat together...

Your views? Do go take a look and if you feel like it, please sign the petition. It is also opened to readers and I think that it is right that it should be so. It is in the readers' interest that their favorite writers should be treated right and make a decent living...

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