How Do You Write? Pantsing vs. Plotting

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Are you the sort who plans the book with a full outline down to the last detail or are you like my fellow writer Robert Chazz Chute, who knows what the characters are in his book and where they will end up but has no idea how they will get there?

I came across this cool video where he explains it all. 

I found that he describes exactly my own creative process, amazing! I could have done the same podcast (except at the end of course, I would have promoted my own books, grin). 

The key to it? It's fun to write as long as you don't know each step of the way, that's what keeps the interest up and alive for you as a writer...and presumably for your readers too! 

Listen to Robert: 

I've always been convinced of that: if I'm bored with my writing, you, the reader, will be too! I promise you, every boring piece of writing I've ever done has always ended in the waste-paper basket. Deleted!

This is the writer's dilemma: to outline or not to outline. If you're a writer, share with us how you do it in the comments, tell us what works for you and why. Or vote in the poll and find out how others do it:

How do you write your book? free polls 

(Photo credit: The School of Athens, detail from fresco in Stanza della Segnatura, Vatican - Wikipedia)

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