Climate Change: How will the Dutch Cope with Rising Sea Levels?

Will the Netherlands disappear with Climate Change? It is well known that an intricate system of dams, dykes and canals built over centuries has saved thousands of square miles of land that was below sea level. How will the Dutch manage when Climate Warming will have raised sea levels one meter or, God forbid, seven meters as in the worst case scenario?

The answer is simple: Climate Change will take lots of TIME (see article below) so we can all adjust, and so can the Dutch.

There are basically two solutions, see here: floating houses and houses on stilts.  But the Dutch are an inventive sort, they've already come up with a climate proofing model for one of their major cities, Rotterdam, already under sea level. And the British are showing that they are worried too and are not that far behind:

Clever, and all this by 2025: expect the future to be with us sooner than you think! Is anything done in your part of the world? I'd love to know - this is all part of the research I'm doing for my upcoming science fiction novel Forever Young, set 200 years from now...
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