The Real Victims in Egypt and Elsewhere in the Muslim World? The Women!

An Italian blogger just posted about the sorry state of women in the Muslim world, you can read his post (in Italian) here.

It is a tragedy and one that is too often overlooked. The Arab Spring has turned to winter and the women are the real losers...

Avaaz has recently tried to awaken consciences in the West, reporting, inter alia, on Sahar Gul's horrendous experience. Sahar (see picture) is a 15 year old girl whose in-laws imprisoned her, starved her, beat her with a hot steel rod, to force her to prostitute herself. 

The petition, posted by Avaaz on July 18 2013 had garnered only 716 signatures the last time I looked - it needs to reach 750 signatures for the petition to be sent to the Afghan authorities. To read story and sign petition, please click here.

I just signed it.

Honestly, something needs to be done. I don't think women in the West should go on ignoring what is happening to their sisters in the Muslim world...As Avaaz says, STOP THE ANTI-WOMEN GAG RULE!

And I'm very grateful to my Italian fellow blogger, Giuseppe di Linguaglossa, for drawing my attention to this!

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