Is Egypt Sinking in Civil War? The Muslim Brothers Are Burning Christian Churches

All the signs that Egypt is sinking into a civil war are unfortunately here. Including one that is little noted in the news: the burning of Christian Churches by Muslim Brothers across the country. 

The New York Times reported the burning of 2 Coptic churches on August 13, and today, the International Herald Tribune quoted the Egyptian government official figure that admit of 7 churches that were burned. On August 14, the  International Christian Concern reported over 20 churches burned , France 24 in its news report last night mentioned 36 churches and reported this morning that at last count 52 churches have been attacked.

A terrifying escalation! 

And particularly distressing since Christian churches have nothing to do with the on-going crisis. They are collateral damage but a worrying sign of radicalization among the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Arab Spring was supposed to be a revolution of the people who wanted more jobs, health care, education and human dignity. But the grounds of discussion have shifted. Now what we have is rising polarization over the role of religion in public life.

If dialogue cannot be established with all parties, the next step, alas, is civil war.