Beautiful Boomer Women: Where Are They Now?

On Yahoo movies, you get a look at "80s Babes Then and Now", a peek at how they've handled the passing of years, which is an elegant way of saying "aging" (!), to see click here.

It really should be Now and Then, on the left you have the current look, on the right the way these movie stars looked when they achieved success. 

Of the 12 photos, four struck me more than the others. Here is Sharon Stone:

Yes, handled well. She looks more intriguing than ever.

Here is Kim Basinger:

Fascinating if not the sex bomb she once was (but who is?).

Here is Brooke Shields: 

The virgin look is lost replaced by the beauty of maturity...Which do you prefer?

And here is a poignant Carrie Fisher who once sported a metal bikini in The Return of the Jedi (1983):

Yes, you guessed it, her life has been tough, fighting drugs and alcoholism but she's come out the winner. Thumbs up!

Go take a look at all 12 of them and share your views!