A New Form of Blogging: Flash Blogging! Today's Subject: Blog Traffic

I've decided to experiment something new: flash blogging! I don't mean just short blog posts. You can have a picture with a short caption and off you go - I might do that on occasion but I have a different plan. I want to take you along with me every day on a discovery trip...

That's what flash blogging is for me: establishing a close link to reality, walking with the world step-by-step... Not a blog hop, not a way to show off my virtuosity at inventing things from a prompt (see article below): that's fine but it's not what I'm interested in. On a blog, I don't want to invent (that's for my fiction books). Here I want to talk about the reality as I see it...

So I'll share with you what I think is interesting each day.

And today, I'm worried about my blog traffic. It seems I'm not alone, many people are suffering from a huge drop in traffic. In my case, it's paradoxical: my Alexa world ranking (and US ranking) is UP and my traffic is DOWN. Go figure!

If you want to diagnose what's wrong with your traffic, I've got just the article for you (see below, under related posts).

If you're a blogger like me, relax. Enjoy writing, pick something you want to talk about and talk about it.That's my recipe to solve blog traffic.

What's yours? Any problems with your blog traffic? If so, what have you done about it, please share! 

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