Feeling Stressed? Take a Walk Outside in the Sunshine!

I wrote this on Sunday, today is the last day of my promo on 2213:Forever Young and good news! This morning Part One (it's a serial novel) hit #1 in Amazon for "Science Fiction Adventure" and for the first time Part Two got ranked and appeared at #97 in "Science Fiction Dystopian". The other good news is that an article I wrote about my book was published today on Boomer Café, click here to read

Have a wonderful day and don't forget to download your free copy, this is your last chance!

If you are stressed by work or wearied down by something you're deeply involved in (in my case, my book promotion), there's no better place to be than Italy, but surely anywhere in the springtime, with beautiful flowers blooming, will prove a relief.

A walk in the garden was certainly a Godsend for me. Look at the lovely flowers blooming here, in Umbria, the green heart of Italy, like this brand new geranium peeking out of its pot:

Set against the mellowed tone of the house's old stone wall, it is glorious. Or these springtime iris:

Then we drove to Lake Trasimeno, I wanted to take a walk on the Isola Polvese, an island that is a natural reserve:

But we missed the ferryboat, it wouldn't take us there for another two hours. So I consoled myself watching the ducks:

A lovely day all in all, and so nice to get away from following on my computer screen what's happening to my book promotion! In case you haven't heard, Part One of my Sci-Fi serial novel 2213:Forever Young is free until May 14 (you're still in time!) Amazon rankings that refresh every hour show what is happening to it. My computer doesn't allow me to take screen shots (or I don't know how to do it with the old machine I've got here), so I took a picture of it with my camera to show you what I saw:

Sorry for the bad quality! But if you squint hard, you'll see something on the right of the screen that I found amazing: the book is ranked #17 in Science Fiction> Hard Science Fiction. Not bad! 

Now I didn't even know that Amazon had such a category as "Hard Sci-Fi" (though Wikipedia does) and it is all the more surprising as I never gave them those keywords when I uploaded the book on Kindle Direct Publishing. I did suggest "adventure" and "suspense", and I see it ranks #71 in Science Fiction >Adventure

But it's the "Hard Sci-Fi" category that made me happy: it is quite accurate because 2213:Forever Young is indeed a tough, emotion-laden story based on a highly probable projection into the future of current trends in science and society. Things like genetic manipulation that could solve the problem of aging or the exponential growth in income inequality in the past 40 years that will, if it goes on, inevitably lead to the Great Divide between the One Percent that has everything and the rest of us.

So that's the world of 2213:Forever Young: a "hard sci-fi" world where all the benefits of technical progress go to the One Percent...while the planet sinks in pollution. Once upon a time, it was green  (or blue as seen from Outer Space), expect it two hundred years from now to turn black! Yes, hard sci-fi it is, in more ways than one...

Now that picture on my computer screen was taken some hours ago, so that when you go to Amazon it may look different, the ranking keeps changing depending on the number of downloads! Like all authors that have a free promotion going, I am on needles and have to resist the temptation to "check my numbers"...Now you understand why I took a walk!

INFO ABOUT THE DOUBLE PROMOTION to celebrate the publication of Part Two of 2213:Forever Young:

Until 14 May Part One is FREE and Part Two costs only 99 cents.

Click here for your free copy of Part One.
Click here for your 99 cents copy of Part Two.

Hurry, the promotion lasts ANOTHER TWO DAYS till Tuesday included.

The promotion is now over but I've decided to keep the price low, at 99 cents for another few days, don't miss out, grab your copy before the price returns to its "natural" level of $1.99...because, in spite of the low price, this is not cheap literature (grin).

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