Something New and Way Out...A Science Fiction Serial Novel!

This is Boomer Lit Friday once again, and I've got something up my sleeve: a totally new book to reveal, I'm so excited! Here's the cover:

Fresh out, published as an e-book only 5 days ago and available on Amazon, click here, at the special launch price of 99 cents.

2213: FOREVER YOUNG is a serial novel à la WOOL, which is, as I'm sure you know, a famous science fiction serial novel that become a major best seller in just one year. A publishing phenomenon, it is considered as the science fiction successor to 50 Shades of Grey. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for my own little book!

In 2213: FOREVER YOUNG the problem of aging has been solved by medical science. The catch: only One Percenters can afford the costly Age Prevention Program...In Part One, I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU BEHIND, beautiful Emma is facing an excruciating quandary: she's 122 years old and learns her time is up. She's going to die within the next 10 hours...but she's madly in love with Sergio, a handsome 99Percenter, a Swiss ski instructor who doesn't know how old she is. Now what will she do?

Here's the opening:

It happened in the middle of our love-making. I was beginning to fly when my Life Watch beeped, bringing me down to earth. With a thud.

I was frightened because I knew what that beep meant. I opened my eyes and peered into Sergios face hoping he hadnt heard. He hadnt, his eyes were closed, his mouth clenched as he strained towards the climax. I relaxed, trying to catch up with him and enjoy it too.

I made all the appropriate sounds but my heart was no longer in it. No more. A terrifying thought.

Afterwards, I sneaked out of the crumpled bed sheets, leaving him to rest. I had to get away to check my watch. I locked the bathroom door making sure the lock clicked in silently. I didnt want to arouse his suspicions. But I needed to know, and I needed time for myself.

I couldnt see at first what was written on the watchs dark screen, then I remembered to wipe my index across the screen. A string of illuminated numbers popped up. A date: November 26, 2213 and a time: 7pm - 9 pm.

The exact date and time of my programmed death.

You may well wonder, how come it's Boomer Lit? After all, Emma is 122 years old, hardly a baby boomer! True, but the central issue here is aging and how we face death, which as we have all agreed in our Goodreads Group defines Boomer Lit as a genre

Just imagine a world in which the problem of aging has been done away with! Does that solve everything, does it mean we live forever young and happy? Not by half! But of course you need to read my book to see how it works out for Emma...and the answers I suggest.

I'm so excited about it, these are issues (and characters) that fascinate me! I'm presently at work writing Part Two which is called YOU WILL NOT TAKE MY PLACE. 

Yes, I'm doing the rounds of a future where the divide has become entrenched between One Percenters who can afford all the technological advances and the rest who can't. It's fun (and scary) to imagine the future awaiting us. 

But the future I see is nothing like these images, too conventional! In a way, my anchor in reality is this very blog: here is where I comment on current political and social issues, all starting points for my foray into the future -- which I don't see at all as your usual apocalyptic science fiction end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it sort of book. Nor even as an exploration in other worlds and planets, I love this one, our good old Earth!

This is our home, this is where we were all born, I often wonder how it will all really end, which means I try to make the most reasonable and likely assumptions. I really want to know as much as I can about the future! It's in this kind of exploration that I'd like to take you along with my Forever Young serial novel... 

And now, do continue your Friday Boomer Lit tour: for other great #boomerlit reads to enjoy, go here.

Before you go, remember to get 2213: FOREVER YOUNG, Part One: I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU BEHIND while it's still at a low price, 99 cents for the launch period in April.  

Just 99 cents: That's less than an espresso coffee and it will last you much longer! Why the low price? Because I want all my friends who enjoy my blog to take advantage of this promotion...
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