Our Daily Burnt Bread: Grillo is at it again!

Beppe Grillo, the buffoon who's holding Italy by the throat, told BBC News
"When the markets crash because I don't form a coalition, they will say it's Beppe Grillo's fault. In fact, they're saying it already. But it's fake, it's just an excuse." 

That was a while back, on 28 February, just before the elections that brought his 5 Star Movement up front, with 25% of the votes.

Trouble is: it's NOT fake, it's not an excuse. The reality is that Italy is paralyzed and has been for a whole month. The three blocs face each other - Bersani on the left, Berlusconi on the right with Grillo who could call the shots if he wanted to. But he isn't. Yet all he has to do is support and condition the left which is closer to his views, but he won't.

He's like a spoiled child sitting on the floor, screaming and banging and refusing to move.

Bottom line: Grillo is irresponsible, full stop. But what can you expect from a comedian?

PS. This is the first of Our Daily Burnt Bread posts that will be coming to you whenever the  news are just too stupid to bear.
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