Discover Boomer lit in an Easy Fun Way every Friday

One of the member of our Goodreads Group discussing Boomer literature, author of The Prince Charming Hoax, has set up a special website where you can quickly discover good reads in Boomer lit through the simple system of reading snippets of boomer novels listed there, new books coming up every Friday.

This new site is called Boomer Lit Friday and you can find it here. This is where the links to the blogs of participating authors are listed, and if you click on the links, you are taken straight to the blogs of participating authors where you can read snippets of their work.

This is a fun way for you to see all sorts of boomer books, from thrillers to romance, and if you hop from one blog to the next, you'll get a pretty good idea of the range and depth of boomer lit. I shall participate four Fridays in this Boomer Lit Friday Blog Hop, starting with today.

So here is the snippet of my boomer novel A HOOK IN THE SKY, the story of a top manager at the UN, who decides upon retirement that he wants to become an artist. Alas, his academic paintings distress his much younger wife, a chic Manhattan socialite who is passionate about contemporary art and runs a gallery in Chelsea. They fight over art - he’s square, she’s cool - but what is at stake is their marriage. Soon they separate, other women enter Robert's life, including a sexy and deeply troubled young woman and that is only the beginning of his troubles...

To make matters simple, here are the opening lines of the novel:

Chapter One         Napoleon in tears

Julie stuck her head of curly red hair through the door. Robert, its time to go! Youve got less than five minutes before the start of the meeting! She pronounced his name the French way: Rob-air, without sounding the t. He liked the way she said it. She drew out the air,  rolling it softly in her English mouth. He was going to miss her, his ever-so-efficient secretary. The round face, the freckles, the constant smile and her mothering him, always reminding him of his next appointment.
That damn farewell speech. He stared at it, ten pages, double spaced, in 16 point font It looked very, very big unwieldy.
That was Julies idea to make it easy to read. He didnt like it. Was he really going to read it aloud? Every word?
No, better try to deliver the speech from the hip, a parting shot, in the throes of sacred inspiration. Ha! And watch Napoleon (his nickname for the Big Boss) stumble back, full of admiration. 

Available on Amazon (some adult content)

You guessed it...That's the beautiful young woman who enters Robert's life and he paints her in the nude, passionately...


A Hook in the Sky is available on Amazon in digital and paperback: click here. If you have a minute, tell me how you like the opening...Next time, I'll post juicy tidbits chosen further down in the book, look for them every Friday!
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