When Music Meets Poetry...

The international poetry anthology edited by Oscar Sparrow, FREEZE FRAME (published by Gallo Romano, UK) is to be accompanied by music and I wondered what music could ever fit the different voices of 6 totally different poets. Well, now I've stopped wondering and I'm amazed!

Listen to it, tell me what you think:

I find it hauntingly beautiful...Even if you're in a bad mood for some other reason, listen to it, it will change your mood for the better! 

This music has the power of poetry - that ability to operate on one's mood which is poetry's greatest appeal, regardless of the theme. Just let the music and the poems work on you and for you...

NEWS UPDATE: FREEZE FRAME, a poetry anthology, together with audio book, has just come out, click here to purchase.

Also on December 21, there will be a Google+ hangout on 21 December, 6 pm GMT. Click here to join and meet the 6 poets, Paul Tobin, Jefferson Hansen, Jo VonBargen, Candy Bright, Oscar Sparrow and... me!

Freeze Frame - Stop Time - Carpe Diem - Catch the vanishing moment...Let the Mouth of Truth talk to you...

And with my personal warm thanks to the anthology's editor, Oscar Sparrow, tireless and indomitable, and to author and poet Emma Calin (regretfully she didn't participate in this anthology but she is giving us selflessly her time and support). 

Roma-bocca della verità
Roma-bocca della verità (Photo credit: Wikipedia)