If Obama Wins, Will America Go the Way of Spain and Italy?

English: Southern Europe
English: Southern Europe, feeling red with anger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
With Obama as President, America will go the way of Spain and Italy. That's what Romney just said, earning the ire and justified contempt of both Italian and Spanish citizens. The media here in Italy is full of angry headlines, including the Sole 24 Ore, a highly respectable rightist business paper (something like the Italian Financial Times).  Is Romney really so desperate for votes that he needs to insult two ancient European countries that have always been loyal allies of America? 

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During the last debate with Obama, I had noticed that Romney mentioned how the Obama government spending would lead America straight into a situation like Greece's. At the time, that was picked up by few people: presumably, the American electorate of Greek descent is not very large and the remark passed (nearly) unnoticed. But this time, he really put his foot in it, this is BIG! Americans of Italian descent and Hispano-Americans are millions! Do they enjoy the way Romney disparages the old home country? If Romney ever wins and becomes the next American President, he can be certain that he will not be received with roses in Southern Europe.  Right now, they all see RED!

Particularly if you consider - as most Europeans do - that both the 2008 Big Recession and the unprecedented swell in the American debt have been the work of a succession of Republican administrations, starting with Reagan's deregulation and ending with Bush's two wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan. So if Southern Europe is in the mess it is in today, it is largely as a result of a complex series of events that can be traced to both the collapse of Wall Street in 2008 and the American wars in the Middle East. Sure, local corruption and the dead weight of bureaucracy and red tape have added to the pain, but it all began as a result of investors looking to line their pockets through attacking the Sovereign Debt of relatively weak states (after Dubai in 2009 they moved to Greece, remember?)

US President Barack Obama and Italian Presiden...
US President Barack Obama and Italian President Giorgio Napolitano in Rome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If Europeans could vote, the gap between Obama and Romney wouldn't be razor thin the way it is in America. Romney scares Europeans, indeed most of the world, with his astounding lack of diplomacy - but then Americans have never cared about their world image, have they?

Over here, on this side of the pond, we are all keeping our fingers crossed...for Obama! And if Republicans really can't stomach Obama, hopefully they will abstain and not vote for a man who is certain to create havoc in the international community, turning it from a "community" to a theater of war in his determination to make of America a new "uber alles" nation...
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