Participate in an Italian Art Competition, the "Premio Celeste", Open to the Whole World!

You don't need to be Italian to participate in this art competition and you don't need to be a painter either, you can be a sculptor, a photographer, anything you like provided it's contemporary! I happen to be a figurative painter (besides being a writer of course) and I've just decided to participate with one of my oil paintings.

Here it is, it's called OVER THE EDGE:

Cool, isn't it? Especially in this hot weather...all that nice fluffy snow! I've just finished writing a novella by that title and I plan to use this painting for the book cover (when I get around to publishing it!) What do you think of it? If you're holding your breath and wondering how this guy is going to land, well, I'm wondering too! Actually, that's the whole point of the painting...

And yes, the novella OVER THE EDGE, is full of suspense too, it's set in the future, two hundred years from now, when medical advances have solved the problem of aging and you live your whole life looking young until the moment you drop dead...But is that a blessing when the man you love doesn't know how old you are? And here in this painting is the man she loves, a young athletic skier engaged in a magnificent jump while she is...122 years old and just a few hours from Death!

Here's the link to the Premio Celeste - if you want to participate, hurry up, inscriptions will be closed by midnight August 8!

Condividi il tuo lavoro - Premio Celeste
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