Ten Tips Plus One Step to Achieve Success in Blogging!

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If you're starting a blog now, there's super advice around to make a success of it. You're among 50,000 people doing that every day (yes, that many!), so you really need help to stand out! See here for a couple of  the latest and best:
2. A beginner's Guide to Blogging: 10 Tips to put into Practice Right Away   

I'm not sure why the tips add up to ten, but in both cases, they make sense! Actually I've attached below an article by someone suggesting 12 tips...but here let me focus on just one essential step, but it's the KEY one!
When I started my blog two years ago, I wish I had known…I certainly wasted much time to figure out the gadgets, things like the share button, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and all the rest. Sure, they're important but there's one thing that tops them all.
What is it, you say? Simple:  blog in a “niche” !  Be generous with your expertise! Fill your blog with your expert content! Yeah!
Funny I should say that, right? Because that's precisely what I don’t do. 
My problem is that I’m interested in so many different things: books (yes, I’m a writer - see that book icon on the top left corner? That's mine!) but also politics, economics, cooking, contemporary art and classical painting - not necessarily in that order! That doesn't mean I'm an expert in all those things, just someone who likes to keep herself informed and has rather...strong likes and dislikes!
Go figure how you’re going to fit all that stuff into a single “niche”! 
What niche? There’s none. 
What online community should I belong to? Okay, you're right, I know what you're thinking: go and join several. I'm trying, but believe me that takes TIME! And I also want to write the sequel to my novel, and the day has only 24 hours (and help, I need to sleep too!). 
As for search engine optimization strategies, forget it. I'm not going to put a keyword in the title and the opening sentence just to get attention. If the keyword happens to be there, it's only because it makes sense! One day I'm here, writing for a certain set of readers (say, writers and bloggers), the next I'm somewhere else, writing for people interested in politics...or in cooking!  So I always end up disappointing somebody, sorry about that! I don't mean to annoy anyone. It's just that I can't stay interested very long in the same subject...
Hey, I like change! Just as I read books in all sorts of genres (provided the writing is good)! And in the news, everything interests me, from the latest archeological find to riots in Syria...
Obviously, I'll run into problems growing my blog! Only one thing’s certain: for success, do “niche” blogging! Do NOT follow my example!
Oh well, it's tough being me in this digital world! How do you manage? Are you also interested in all sorts of things? Do you like a far-flung blog such as mine or do you get annoyed when I suddenly turn to something that is of no interest to you? Conversely, do I succeed in interesting you in something you've never considered before? 

Let me know, so I can decide whether to retreat in a niche like a good doggie or continue to roam around freely!

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