Twitter vs.Facebook, with Google+ the winner?

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Will Google+ be the winner a year from now? Chances are good. But of course, it's too soon to tell.

It's a very fluid, fast-changing situation. Millions have already joined Google+ before it even went public (you could get in only with an invitation). Reportedly some 20 millions, and that's just in one month! Plus some very authoritative tech-savvy people (see the NYT article below) are already comparing Google+ with the rest of 'em and declaring Google+ the winner!

Because of the way it handles privacy rights: you put people in "circles" that determine who sees what. So, you're safe at last from that kitty picture-loving friend who hounded you down on your Facebook Page and filled your wall with nonsense. A definite advantage.

And Google+ is ahead of both Facebook and Twitter on other neat techie things like group chatting (called Huddles) and a button to share anything with everyone in your circles (called Sparks - I haven't used it yet but it sounds like it's easier to use than Stumble).

But let's stick to the here and now:  Facebook has some 750 million users and Twitter over 200 millions. Compared to them, Google+ is still in its infancy.

So which is better,Twitter or Facebook?

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Many people on Internet swear by Facebook, and there's even some (slight) evidence that Facebook sends you more "faithful" readers, i.e. return visitors than most other sites, Google included. That is: people who are more likely to comment, and we all love that, don't we? I know I do!

So is Facebook the royal road to getting return visitors who comment?

Not quite. Let's face it, if your aim is to get as many comments to your blog as you can, then there's nothing like writing your articles for a regular "traditional" newspaper.

Just to put things in perspective: The other day, I commented on one of Krugman's excellent articles (he publishes regularly on the NYT). I thought I was one of the first to comment, but no, I wasn't. The NYT doesn't give you the whole list, and small wonder: I discovered I was number 284, and the whole list of people who commented extended well beyond 400 and kept growing...

Oh well, a rather humbling experience for us poor bloggers...

If Facebook doesn't bring us masses of readers who comment, is Twitter any better?
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Actually Twitter is able to show impressive stats. Passive Guy in a recent post in which he analyzed his own Twitter stats, showed how his following of over 4000 people translated into over 70,000 people reading one of his tweets, simply because it was re-tweeted.

There is this almost instantaneous multiplying effect you simply don't have on Facebook. And I'm not sure that will ever exist on Google+, but with it's Spark feature, it might just yet, who knows...

What is your take? Which do you prefer, Twitter or Facebook? Which one do you find brings more traffic toyour blog?
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