Will you please leave the Pope alone?

I can't believe what's going on in the media!
Ok, pedophiles are awful, despicable people and they hurt children and cause untold suffering that lasts a lifetime. Ok, pedophiles'preferred playground are schools.

But surely they cannot be all concentrated in CATHOLIC schools? I don't believe it. There are pedophiles everywhere, in every country, in every kind of school of whatever religious denomination. It's a very, very serious problem but the whole thing's made worse by the unthinking attention of the media. They love bad news because bad news SELL (whoever heard of good news that sell copy? As everybody knows, good news are no news).

Result? It started with bishops in Ireland that tried to cover up the crimes of subordinates. Or so goes the story. Then, we all know what happened. The story was repeated in France, in the Netherlands, in the US, and of course, worse of all, in Germany, the Pope's native country. One didn't have to wait long to see the dirt lap up to the very skirts of the Holy Father. Every week, goaded by the news in the media, new cases of pedophilia have popped up - seemingly a never-ending wave. But I wonder how many of these new cases are for real... People love to get attention, they love to jump on the bandwagon. And with all the hullaballoo, everybody is losing sight of the FACTS.

What are the facts? First that the Pope had nothing to do with these heinous crimes. NOTHING AT ALL. On the contrary, he is the one who started to tighten the screws back in the late 90s when he was head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Indeed, he was the first high prelate in the Catholic Church - and possibly in any other church as well - who started to seriously worry about the situation, launching investigations and setting up a procedure to punish the culprits. Before him, no one had. And I think that's important, and interestingly it is something the media glosses over or feigns to ignore. Because, of course, that would be good news about the Catholic Church hierarchy, wouldn't it? So, anything about the real role of the Pope in this dismal affair has to be passed over.

Mum is the word.

And if you don't believe me, just read the Pope's Open Letter to the Irish. He's very clear about where he stands and what should be done. What other head of what other church is as clear as he is? And to think that some people have the gall to ask whether the Pope can be destituted!

It is a pity we have to be subjected to so much nonsense. The atmosphere is so filled with venom that it is difficult to debate anything with the required peace of mind. Yet there might be reason to discuss some serious matters, such as the celibacy requirement for catholic priests. Celibacy for priests is not a dogma. It is even possible that St Peter was married since Jesus Christ is supposed to have cured his mother in law - ergo he must have been married. Yes, the founder of the Catholic Church was probably married! Isn't that an interesting thought?  And priests in the Catholic Church of Ukraine are allowed to be married (of course, not all of them are) - and the Vatican allows them to be married. So, with due care, a change might well be possible. After all the Catholic Church has changed many times over the centuries. One example will suffice for all: the Church supported slavery up to the Middle Ages - of course, it no longer does so.

Now, I for one believe that a married man might find it easier to connect with his community than a celibate one. As a husband and father, a priest might respond and empathize faster and more completely with the faithful in his church. I wrote "might", because it is not absolutely certain. The capacity for empathy is highly variable from one individual to the next and a very human celibate priest might be far better than, say, an introverted married one. Indeed, marriage is not necessarily bliss and can bring problems. Still, one may presume that a man who has children of his own is less likely to engage in pedophiliac activities (if that's the right word...)

So my view is that  marriage for a priest should be an option. Of course, once the priest has chosen the road of marriage, he should not deviate from it. He should set the example. No divorce for him!

What are your views?