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Tax Evasion: Why Not Follow the Irish Model?

Europeans - and now Americans too - are all griping about Ireland, how it is a tax haven for big corporations seeking to shield their profits from fiscal authorities. Only a 12% levy! Neat, cool.

The most recent "scandal" (if you will) is the Johnson Controls and Tyco deal: here we have a big American corporation divesting itself of its American nationality and happily becoming avoid taxes of course. And needless to say, Johnson Controls is only the latest one joining the jolly band of tax evaders that include just about everyone in Fortune 500, from Microsoft to Coca-Cola, from Google to Amazon and Facebook.

Europeans are no less unhappy - ever since the Great Recession started, they haven't been able to bring Ireland to heel. No fiscal union here! Ireland got € billions of European bailout money but it never agreed to (really) align its tax rates with the European Union. Not a bit. The Irish are Irish and don't care about the rest of Europe.

I have a si…

Cool: You can Embed Your Book in Your Website or Share Directly!

I'm so excited by this discovery that I thought I'd share it with all of you! Amazon provides you with a real EASY way to embed your books in your website.

Here is the result:

See how clever? Not just the image of a book cover, but an inter-active icon that lets you read a preview of the book!

To do this, all you have to do is to go to the Amazon book page of your choice and go down to the "share" line on the right hand side, below the buy button. Click "embed", copy the URL or HTML code and paste it wherever you like, and you're done. Here are the Amazon explanations:

For more on how to do it, go here.

Happy reading!

2016: The Year of the Writer?

There are signs that after the dramatic 2009 digital disruption that brought in the self-publishing tsunami, the publishing industry is stabilizing. And Kristine Kathryn Rusch, a best-selling author and dispenser of cool, much sought-after advice has even decreed on her blog in a year-end post, that 2016, is going to be "The Year of the Writer".

Hooray! Or is it too early to celebrate? KK Rusch notes that in 2015 a lot of indie writers suffered from burnout (disclosure: my case too). But she has words of wisdom to soothe the pain:

If you’re destined to be a career writer, you’ll come back to it—or rather, it’ll come back to you. One day, a story will pop into your head, a story that needs to be told. I just got an e-mail from a long-time published writer who said that very thing. For the longest time, he thought he was done writing, and now he’s turning his attention to a new novel. So nice to hear I'm not the only one (and yes, now too I'm turning my attention to a …