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I learned to paint in New York City while I was studying economics at Columbia University. My teacher was an award-winning Belgian painter, Simone Ruyters, who had learned her art from one of the most famous Belgian surrealists of her generation: Delvaux. Ruyters was well known in New York society in the 1960's for her incisive portraits and had had several successful shows in major galleries. With her, I learned drawing and oil painting techniques.

1. Love and Pain: the passion of painting the developing world, from India to Peru

Haitians In a refugee campo oil on wood (130x90 cm with barbed wire applications)
As my work for the United Nations took me to developing countries, I came back with sketches of what I saw - the suffering, but also the beauty and dignity of the poor. Once I had more time (after 2004) I made large-size canvases and participated in over a dozen shows, mostly in Paris and Rome.

Displaced people in Darfur (Sudan)  oil on wood (120x90cm)
In 2008, all my paintings on that theme were shown, in a personal show called LOVE AND PAIN, held at IPSAR, the Portuguese Institute of Art in Rome.

The sniper (Afghanistan) - oil on wood (90x60 cm)

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2. A Politically Incorrect View of the West:

In the Milano subway: pole dancer, oil on wood (90 x 60cm)

I didn't stop with the Third World. When I looked at the West, I found myself attracted to what are (almost) caricatures of Western civilization - things like burlesque dancing, women begging in the subway after a show of pole dancing or women with red hats. The latter were shown in a personal show in Paris in 2007, at the Galerie Mona Lisa, on the Rive Gauche in Paris.

3. Horses as Symbols of Power and Elegance - and how they are out of step with a modern urban environment

Urban Running Horse oil on wood (90x60 cm) 

These paintings celebrate the horse as a symbol of strength and beauty. In some of them, I've placed the horse in a deliberately mismatched environment: the modern city where he has no place, where his natural power and elegance is lost. 

These paintings were successfully shown in two exhibitions, in Rome and in Sicily.

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