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Is it the End of Self-Publishing Success?

North American GC cover art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Is the self-publishing bubble about to burst? Suspense writer Russell Blake thinks so. Passive Guy (better known as PG) does not, read his post here:

In my opinion, Blake's post is VERY convincing: the self-publishing bubble IS slowly popping. For once I don't agree with PG's reading of this post (I usually always agree with him...). PG sees it as a cop out in praise of legacy publishers. I don't believe Russell Blake is on the side of traditional publishers in any way. He's just based his conclusions on a series of (in my opinion) very acute observations. 

PG disagrees: he says most sales on Amazon occur in the range between the 99 cents and $5.99 and that is where the real volume is. Since this is the favorite price range of self-pubbed authors, he argues this is proof that the self-pubbed bubb…

To all my Friends Who Read 'The Blog': Sorry for the Silence!

I was hospitalized. I thought it was a routine operation and that I'd be out, as good as new, in a matter of 4 or 5 days! How wrong I was, 4 weeks have please, forgive the silence, it was quite unplanned. I realized something serious was afoot only when I was rolled into the operation room and glimpsed not one but four surgeons! My husband  waited six hours for my return, and yes, as it turned out, everything worked out fine. They took the tumor out and there's no cancer anywhere else, touch wood. 

I'm very lucky. And greateful to the Lord, the Giver of Life and (of course) to modern medicine. Three or four decades ago, I'm sure I wouldn't have made it. But now, the technology is so developped and risks minimized that one can truly say it's a "routine" life-saving operation.

Neither of my children really believed my spiel about the operation being routine and I was certainly happy to see my family around me as I began the recovery process. D…