It's fun to be alone with my new Kindle...

First I noticed yesterday that through some incomprehensible error on my part I nominated ... myself as my "friend" - I really didn't mean to! I don't even know how to get myself off the list! Well, no matter. I know that I'm not alone in the blogosphere, at least I've got myself as a friend plus another brave person out there! Thank you and welcome to my blog...

Just a note on what life is like with my new Kindle. I love it! Electronic paper (since that's what ereaders are based on) is just great for all the reasons everybody knows: 1. you can read it anywhere, in bed, in the bathroom, in the post office waiting in line etc; 2. it's light and small, you can put it away or take it with you whenever you feel like it; 3. you can read it in the sunshine or inside without any adjustments; 4. you can buy your books directly from the e-store provided you're in a dedicated wifi area (or whatever they call it), and you get not only books but newspapers and magazines.

But there's one thing no one tells you and I think that's positively the greatest: not only can you read your newspaper in bed in the morning (you don't need to go out and buy i) but you can read all the first page stories AT A SINGLE GO, right to the end, without having to turn those big, unwieldy newspaper pages in search of the grand finale of the story (which often isn't even printed on the page they say it's on!). No more messy, half-crumpled newspaper spread all over my bed...And best of all, no need to throw all that paper away...I bet that by year end I will have saved the life of at least one tree!
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