The geography of Heaven

Have you ever thought about what the world looks like on the other side of Death? Of course, if you don't believe in an after life, skip this blog! But if you do, I'd like your help to think this one through...

First question: are you going to meet everyone you knew in your life, and I mean EVERYONE? That old, mustachoed aunt who got on your nerves but she was such a sweet soul...That gooey guy in the office who never stopped following you around but he was so full of good intentions...Your clever sister who got you in trouble without meaning to (or perhaps she did mean to)...I could go on and on. Sure, there are more people you'd want to see again than people you don't want to ever lay your eyes on. Still...

Second question: will everyone be thrown in together or will there be divisions? I suspect that each religion will be given its own piece of Heaven. The Christians over here, the Moslems over there, the Bhudists, the Hinduists etc etc and each with their own system and rules of procedure. As Christians we all know that the good ones go to Heaven and the bad ones to Hell, and then there's an intermediate station, the Purgatory, to allow for the dust to settle down before any final decision is taken. But what about the non-Christians? We all know the Muslims have a beatific vision of a garden in Paradise filled with beautiful women. What I would like to know is what kind of Heaven are Moslem women headed for? A garden filled with beautiful men? Do you have any idea? And what about the Bhudists? Are they all in Nirvana, and what's that like? Do you have to be a Bhudist monk to get there? And what about Bhudist nuns ? Are there any around? And what about all the other religions?

Come to think of it, I know NOTHING about the geography of Heaven and I'd be happy to have your views...
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