Wow, that's a lot of wondering!

In just a few days of blogging, I've done a lot of wondering about the blogger world out there...And I duly note that no one reacts, no one replies, no one notices...I feel like I'm walking naked in the street, and all the people pass me by without noticing anything amiss...

I guess that's what real privacy is about in this mass communication world: we are all so intent on communicating, i.e. throw out some piece of ourselves like meat to the wolves, that we aren't listening to anybody. Luckily there are no wolves out there to eat our meat! But, boy, does it feel lonely...

Internet with its 500 million plus users is a very silent world!

I'm told by Google, the helpful giant, that I should follow successful bloggers. Join the crowd, or rather a small crowd within the big crowd. In some ways, I find this a frightening thought. I feel I'm reduced to becoming somebody's fan if I want to survive...

How do you feel about it? Has this feeling of loneliness on Internet ever hit you?
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